My Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

Updated February 28, 2023
About the Author: Denise Cruz has lived in 4 countries and visited 35+ others. After her second sabbatical, she began sharing travel advice at Wander Her Way.

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Wander Her Way Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

2020 sure was a strange year for travel!

And by “strange” I of course mean pretty terrible. I witnessed firsthand the damage of completely shutting down the travel and tourism industry (which employs 10% of the world’s population…)

Luckily, my travel blog is not my sole source of income, so I was not affected financially by the downturn in the travel industry. It was a bummer to see my traffic and income, which was at an all-time high in January and February take a sudden plummet, though.

Even so, here are my most popular blog posts of 2020.

It’s interesting to compare these to my most popular blog posts of 2019 and see how my most popular content shifted this year with such different circumstances.


fairytale towns in europe

1. 20 Magical Fairytale Towns in Europe

Once again my most popular post this year was this one about fairytale towns in Europe. This was definitely a year for daydreaming about future travel, and not actually planning trips!

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Travel Blog Income Report

2. Travel Blog Names: How to Choose One + Ideas

My guide on how to choose a name for your travel blog was really popular this year too. Even though it wasn’t possible to travel much in 2020, many people seemed interested in starting their own travel blog this year and were researching how to do so!

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3. Disney Packing List: Don’t Forget These Items!

Even though Disney World was closed for three and a half months (and Disneyland has been closed for nearly nine months) my Disney packing list still did surprisingly well this year.

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4. 15 Helpful Airport Tips to Make Travel Easier

As a former frequent flyer (I used to fly every week for work when I was a consultant) I have a lot of helpful airport tips to share. This continued to be a popular post in 2020.

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5. 50 Travel Blog Post Ideas

Here’s another post about travel blogging that was popular in 2020 – my list of 50 travel blog post ideas in case you need some inspiration for what to write about on your own blog!

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Best Cotswolds Village

6. 18 Prettiest Villages in England

Once again, this post goes to show that many people were looking for travel inspiration this year – even if they couldn’t actually go out and travel the world. This post about the prettiest villages in England highlights some of the most picturesque places around the country.

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7. What to Do in Lake Como

Lake Como is one of my favorite travel destinations. This guide about what to do in Lake Como covers some of the best things to do on your vacation there.

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Most Beautiful Villages in France

8. 15 Most Beautiful Villages in France

No surprise here, we have another post about pretty places in Europe… this one about the most beautiful villages in France was pretty popular in 2020.

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9. 10 Gorgeous Fairytale Villages in Germany

This post about gorgeous fairytale villages in Germany also cracked the top 10 this year. Are you noticing a trend here? 2020 was all about travel daydreams and inspiration.

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10. 15 Creative Travel Bullet Journal Ideas

Finally, my list of travel bullet journal ideas rounds out this list. You can use a bullet journal to plan a trip, document your travels, track your vacation savings goals, and so much more!

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I hoped you enjoyed these popular blog posts from 2020!

Here’s to another year of travel blogging in 2021!

Denise, travel blogger at Wander Her Way

About Denise Cruz

Denise is a marketing executive who escaped corporate to travel the world… twice. A Brazilian native living in the U.S., she’s lived in 4 countries and visited 35+ others. After side-hustling her way to financial independence, she curates solo destination guides, slow travel tips, and travel blogging advice on Wander Her Way. When she’s not on the road, you can find her in Miami with her dog Finnegan.