Travel Blog Income Report Roundup

Updated May 20, 2023
About the Author: Denise Cruz has lived in 4 countries and visited 35+ others. After her second sabbatical, she began sharing travel advice at Wander Her Way.

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travel blog income report

The Ultimate Travel Blog Income Report Roundup

Wondering how much money travel bloggers make? Well, here are a whole bunch of travel blog income reports!

I don’t know about you, but I love reading blog income reports! They are a fascinating and inspiring glimpse into what it takes to make money as a travel blogger.

I noticed that it can be hard to find a travel blog income report out there, so I created this post to round up some of the best travel blog income reports that will inspire you in your travel blogging business!

These travel bloggers earn anywhere from $200 a month to over $200,000 a month from their blogs!

How do Travel Bloggers Make Money?

Travel bloggers make money in different ways. Here are a few of the most popular (and common):

  • Display ads — these are advertisement like the ones you see along the bottom and within the content of this article.
  • Direct advertising — bloggers can also sell ad space on their blog directly to brands and businesses. This is different than display ads, which are managed by a third-party ad network.
  • Affiliate commissions — by recommending products and services, travel bloggers can earn small commissions of any purchase made through an affiliate link on their blog.
  • Working with brands on sponsored content — similar to social media influencers, travel bloggers can work directly with a brand to create content and articles in exchange for a fee.
  • Sponsored travel — destinations and brands may invite travel bloggers to experience the place and write about it and, in addition to free accommodations and activities, some may also receive payment for the coverage.
  • Selling travel packages — who better to create incredible travel packages than people who have truly experienced those destinations?
  • Services and freelancing — some travel bloggers provide services like travel planning, travel writing, photography, web design, and SEO.
  • Selling their own products — courses, coaching, and digital downloads are examples of this.

I read a ton of income reports before I started a travel blog and they really inspired me and gave me a lot of insight into the many ways you can monetize a travel blog.

You can read my 2020 travel blog income report to see my own earnings (I know, I know… I need a updated one!)

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How Much Can Travel Bloggers Make?

These income reports provide just a glimpse into how much money you can make as a travel blogger.

Keep in mind that many of the most successful travel bloggers do not publish monthly income reports, or even share their income publicly at all. There are plenty of successful travel bloggers earning six figures a year but they are just not publicizing their income.

Without further ado, here is the travel blog income report roundup from 25+ bloggers:

She Dreams of Alpine: $231/mo

Allison at She Dreams of Alpine writes about hiking and other outdoor adventures on her blog. She has one of the most unique monetization models on this list because she uses Patreon to earn more than half of her travel blog income.

Patreon allows you to support online creators through monthly contributions. In return, the creator provides you with exclusive content or rewards based on how much you pledge each month.

In addition to Patreon, Allison earns money from the Amazon affiliate program by recommending her favorite hiking and outdoor gear. She also earns a small amount of money from ads.

Happily Ever Travels: $591/yr

Dayna and Jake at Happily Ever Travels are a married couple who have been traveling the world together on a budget ever since they graduated from college! While they originally started out teaching English online, they now earn some extra income from travel blogging as well.

In this report, they earned money from ads and affiliate marketing on their blog.

Once in a Lifetime Journey: $1048/mo

Mar from Once in a Lifetime Journey lives in Singapore so her travel blog income reports are in Singapore dollars. I converted her earnings into USD for the purpose of this post.

A former management consultant, Mar quit her high-paying job to open a cafe. She also started her blog Once in a Lifetime Journey, which is now her full-time job.

In this income report, Mar made the majority of her income from selling a travel photo to a publication. She also earned a chunk of change from ads and hotel affiliates.

The Atlas Heart: $6,598/mo

Native Californian Mimi is the blogger behind The Atlas Heart, where she shares the best things to do in California and other destinations all around the world. She has traveled to 37 countries, and lived abroad in four foreign cities and two islands.

In her latest income report, she earned money from advertising, affiliate marketing, and product sales from her ebook about California road trips.

Johnny Africa: ~$2,800/mo

In case you can’t guess by the name, Johnny Africa is a travel blog run by Johnny, an American-Canadian expat who first lived in South Africa, but now lives in Germany.

His blog chronicles his travels in 50+ countries around the world. He publishes a yearly income report, which is where the monthly figure above has been extrapolated from.

In one year, he earned about half his income from ads, with the rest made up from affiliate sales, sponsorships, and travel planning (he helps couples plan honeymoons in South Africa).

Sunshine Seeker: $1,123/mo

Charlotte from Sunshine Seeker is a Norwegian travel blogger who overcame her fear of flying and got out of her comfort zone so she could travel the world.

According to her income report, she earns money from her blog mainly through affiliate marketing, with some freelance writing, ad revenue, and some sponsored posts thrown in the mix too.

World Travel Family: ~$1,600/mo

Traveling with kids full-time might seem impossible, but Alyson at World Travel Family has been doing it with her husband and kids for the last nine years!

This income report is for the whole year (so I took an average of the annual income and came to the figure above) and only includes ad income. However, they disclose that they earn about the same amount from other sources, including various affiliate programs.

The Sweetest Way: $1,933/mo

Leah from The Sweetest Way writes about travel and location independence. She has the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and inspires others to do the same.

according to this blogging income report, she earned money this month mainly from affiliate marketing and sponsored content, along with some money from ads and ebook sales.

The Wandering Gourmand: $2,019/mo

Bryan is a stay-at-home dad and a craft beer, food, and travel writer. He documents his love for food and family travel on his blog The Wandering Gourmand.

According to his income reports, he earned about half his income from selling an online course, and the rest from freelance writing, sponsored posts, brand ambassadorship, and affiliates.

Ashley Abroad: $760/mo

Ashley has had plenty of travel adventures, from living in France as an au pair to working for a startup in Uganda, and she has chronicled it all on her blog Ashley Abroad.

In this particular month, she made most of her money from advertising and the rest from affiliates (mainly the Amazon affiliate program.) She also earned a small amount from her ebook about how to become an au pair.

Wanderlust Storytellers: $2,158/mo

Traveling the world with your kids is something that many parents dream of. Andrzej and Jolene from Wanderlust Storytellers made that dream a reality.

In June 2015, they made a decision that changed their life when they gave up their jobs and decided to become full-time travel bloggers. Now, they travel the world with their three daughters and write about their adventures on their blog.

They made almost all of their money in this income report through sponsored work with brands. They also made a very small amount from travel affiliates and their own product.

Eternal Expat: $2,501/mo

One great way to make money as a travel blogger is by offering freelance services. Laura at Eternal Expat is the perfect example of how this can be done.

Laura has made a life for herself as a digital nomad. After traveling and working around the world for over five years, she is now based in Mexico City.

She earns a small amount of money from her blog through ads and affiliate marketing, but the bulk of her income comes from working as a freelance writer and copywriter. Her blog serves as a great portfolio of her work.

Ali’s Adventures: $2,869/mo

Ali from Ali’s Adventures had a regular life working a typical 9-to-5 job in aviation insurance, until she met her husband on Twitter and decided to move across the world to be with him!

Now, she lives in Germany with her husband and writes about her travel adventures on her blog. She also writes about how others can choose an unconventional life full of travel like hers.

In this income report, she made money mainly through ads and Amazon affiliate commissions, along with some other smaller affiliate commissions as well.

The Wherever Writer: $3,575/mo

Amy from The Wherever Writer is another freelancer who quit her desk job at 22 and flew to South America to start her own location-independent business. She now works as a freelance writer and marketing consultant.

Her travel blog income report, however, does not include the money she makes from freelancing. She only counts the money that she earned directly from her blog, which includes a mix of ads, affiliate programs, and sales of her own ebooks.

Getaway Couple: $4,114/mo

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the country in an RV? Rae and Jason from Getaway Couple have made that dream a reality!

After working hard to “keep up with the Joneses” they still felt like something was missing. So they paid off their debt, bought an RV, and hit the road!

In this month’s income report, they earned money from brand sponsorships, YouTube ads, affiliates, and selling their own products (organizational printables for RV owners.)

The Professional Hobo: ~$4,243/mo

Nora from The Professional Hobo lives up to her blog name: she has been traveling the world full-time for over twelve years and writing about all her adventures along the way.

She shares annual breakdowns of her income, so the figure above is a monthly average. The main way she earns money from her travel blog is affiliate marketing, which makes up about half her income. The next largest amounts come from advertising and sponsored posts. Finally, she earned money from freelance writing, book sales, and travel coaching.

Where’s Sharon: $6,558/mo

Where’s Sharon is a family travel blog run by, you guessed it, Sharon! In addition to her travel blog about how to travel with kids, she runs several other niche sites, but the income listed above is from the travel blog only.

In this month, she earned money almost entirely from affiliates (mainly Amazon and hotel bookings) and a small amount from ads as well.

Living the Dream RTW: $6,929/mo

Angie and Jeremy are another traveling couple and the bloggers behind Living the Dream RTW. They do income reports a little differently in that they simply update one post over and over instead of writing a new post each month. So the number above is reflective of their most recent income report at the time of writing this post.

These two count the earnings from both of their blogs in their income reports. They have Living the Dream RTW, a world travel blog, along with Discover the Burgh, a local Pittsburgh blog.

The main way they earn money is from ads, which make up more than half of their income. They also earn a big chunk of money from affiliates. Finally, they earned money this month from selling their photography, a speaking gig, and working with brands on sponsored content.

Valerie & Valise: $7,839/mo

Valerie & Valise is a travel blog run by Valerie, an avid explorer who has lived in Alaska, London, Seattle, and California. She’s also done a good deal of traveling, which she chronicles on her blog.

Her income report reveals that she made roughly half her income from ads, with the remaining half coming from affiliate marketing, sponsored content, products, and services.

A Dangerous Business: $10,809/mo

Amanda from A Dangerous Business is a former travel journalist and full-time travel blogger living in Ohio. Unlike other bloggers, she didn’t quit her day job to travel the world.

Instead, she seeks to inspire people to find ways to fit travel into the lifestyle they already have, even if they only get two weeks of vacation every year.

The main way Amanda makes money on her blog is through ads and affiliate marketing. 

Practical Wanderlust: $10,911/mo

Lia and Jeremy are a self-described “disaster-prone couple” blogging over at Practical Wanderlust. These two share hilarious travel stories from their year-long honeymoon, along with their other travel adventures.

They earn a little less than half of their income from ads, followed by affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. They also earn a small amount of money from freelance writing, social media consulting, and product sales.

Helene in Between: $15,755/mo

Helene from Helene in Between moved from Texas to Germany with her husband and two dogs and has been exploring the world ever since.

In this income report, she made money from her travel blog in a variety of ways. Affiliate sales made up about half of her income. Sponsored work with brands accounted for about a third of her income. And the remainder was made up of ads and selling her own products, which include Lightroom presets and an ebook.

Two Wandering Soles: $16,389/mo

Another traveling couple on this list, Katie and Ben run Two Wandering Soles. These two high school sweethearts moved to Korea together to teach English and have been traveling the world ever since.

They made most of their money this month from affiliate marketing and ads, with a tiny portion coming from sponsored work.

Adventure in You: $19,233/mo

Tom and Anna have been traveling the world together for over four years and writing about it on their blog Adventure in You.

They earn about a third of their income from selling their own products, which mainly comes from their online course about blogging. However, a small portion of this also comes from selling their own Southeast Asia travel guides.

The rest of their travel blog income comes from affiliates, ads, and working with brands on sponsored content.

Local Adventurer: $23,001/mo

Esther and Jacob are the traveling couple behind Local Adventurer. Originally from Atlanta, they now spend every year in a new city. So far, they have lived like locals in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Portland, and New York!

They make the most money from sponsored posts, earning nearly $10,000 from working with brands in this income report! They also earn a lot of their travel blog income from affiliates and ads.

It’s a Lovely Life: $238,027/mo

Last but not least on this list is the impressive income from It’s a Lovely Life, a family travel blog written by Heather and Pete.

Nearly half of their income is from the sales of their online courses about blogging. The rest of their income is made up of affiliates and sponsored content.

Wrap Up: Travel Bloggers’ Salary

As you can see, many travel bloggers don’t make a great salary. But I really shouldn’t call it salary. The revenue from most travel blogs (better) is not enough to live on but travel blogging is not only about the money.

Most travel bloggers I know are in it for the freedom—and the travel perks are just the cherry on top! Even if your blog only makes a few hundred bucks each month, it’s still money coming in. Plus, you can leverage your blog to make money on other ways.

But most importantly, there are travel bloggers out there who are killing it! And that should inspire you to keep blogging, or to start a travel blog.

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More Travel Blogging Advice

Hopefully you found this travel blog income report roundup helpful! I always like to see what other bloggers are doing to be successful, because there’s a lot you can learn from them.

Here are more blog income reports from other bloggers to check out.

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About Denise Cruz

Denise is a marketing executive who escaped corporate to travel the world… twice. A Brazilian native living in the U.S., she’s lived in 4 countries and visited 35+ others. After side-hustling her way to financial independence, she curates solo destination guides, slow travel tips, and travel blogging advice on Wander Her Way. When she’s not on the road, you can find her in Miami with her dog Finnegan.